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2022-23 Season registration now available!

A Message from the Coach!

Hello Wrestling families! While last season was amazing, I am sure excited for a more 'normal' season in 2021-2022! I am super excited for our novice kids' families to get a better experience with competitions as it was tough to find many competitions locally. Our Open/Advanced team is poised to make some huge improvements this year. I can't wait!

I am extremely excited for this season (have I made this clear?!). The Andover team and family has been on an upward trajectory for many years and this year will be no exception. I am thrilled and ready to take the reigns as head coach. Coach Brett Hutchinson's shoes will be mighty to fill to say the least! Thank you to him and the Hutchinson family for your years of dedication (don't worry, we suckered Coach Hutch into staying on and helping behind the scenes!). It is an honor and a privilege to serve the youth of our community and the families that support them and one I will not take lightly.

I can't give enough praise to the parents and families working behind the scenes to make us successful. Our coaching staff and board members are some of the best in the state. Clubs change as kids age and grow up (stinking kids...). Some kiddos, Dads and Moms have grown up and out of the youth ranks, but I'm pleased to announce we've had multiple coaches and board members step up to help in this off season. I feel blessed to be a part of this club.

I wrestled for 10 years and had a successful run as a youth and Goddard High School wrestler before joining the Navy. This will be my 10th year coaching youth sports and my 6th year coaching wrestling (I have also coached basketball, soccer, and football). Very few people will make a 'career' at wrestling. What it teaches you is much bigger than just being on the mat. Wrestling will transform any young man or young lady into something greater. I am a firm believer wrestling teaches you life lessons on levels you can only get in very few places during your youth. Yes, I am biased, but there's no better life lesson than getting your butt kicked in your underwear in front of your family!

Is it wrestling season yet???? Please reach out if you have any questions. No question is a bad question. Wrestling requires a lot of dedication and is confusing at first. Thank you for your support. Let's do this Andover!

Coach Cody Beard
(316) 727-4185

Welcome Coach Beard!



Welcome Head Coach Brett Hutchinson



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